Changing Times and the Empath…3 Things We Need to Face.

This year has been a merciless teacher.  From day 1, literally of 2020, I have dealt with emotions smacking me left and right.  Rage.  Sadness.  Joy.  Grief.  Emptiness.  Then feeling used, betrayed and lied to.  The list goes on, and then in March I felt it starting to culminate.  I felt an energy so powerful it told me to push people away who were using my energy, and be ready for something.  I just wasn’t sure.  And then COVID hit and I realized what was happening.  Why there was this pressure to keep my circle small and make sure I had enough energy to go around to the people who loved me and needed me.

Wow.  I wish I could explain to some people what this feeling is like, but the truth is, I do the best I can in these blog posts.  Lately I have been feeling the need to let go.  It is a strong feeling of get rid of clutter, get rid of things that are bringing me down, still, and move forward.

I think it’s going to be a lighter fall energetically, and that makes me feel better already. 

I have had many interesting moments this year where my intuition is SO spot-on that I just wonder why I try to fight it at times.  I know that when I don’t listen, it’s because “others” who don’t get the “spidey sense” try to tell me I am wrong (or prefer to lie to me).  My kid told me today in the car that she knew without a doubt that my intuition was actually always right.  That was a great thing to hear because we were having a random conversation about something I felt, and she said I know you are right.  Not probably.  But I was right…and I am pretty sure that was hard for her to admit.  We have learned lots of lessons this year.

Being sensitive to energy, knowing things, feeling things so deeply, and putting yourself in other people’s shoes when they tell you something CAN be a gift.  It can also be one hell of a ride.  In 2020, I know it’s been a ride my friends.

3 Things Empaths Need to Face in Changing Times:

  1. We can’t fix everybody’s problems. I know that we want to fix the world.  At least I do.  I am a great listener and come up with all kinds of solutions…but I can’t actually make the person do the work.  No one can make another human being do a damn thing they don’t want to do.  Not a thing.  I can’t fix anyone.  I can only fix myself.  Then I can help others see the path I took, and if they decide that works for them, then great.  But I can’t walk the path for them.  Especially if they are lying to themselves.  That part is huge my friends.  Many people do not actually want to change.  They only want to keep draining your energy by talking about the problems they have and never actually work on the solutions.  Don’t stay in this cycle.  Walk away.  IF they are ready to change, they might come back to you and let you know they’ve been working on it, but don’t hold your breath.  It’s possible they like staying stuck.
  2. It is going to hurt sometimes. Sitting in the pain is okay.  You don’t have to feel positive all the time.  I think we feel like we are going to keep everyone’s energy up if we are up, but know this.  You will crash and burn.  Sometimes in anger if you don’t let others in or let them know you can’t support them at this time.  I had a friend this past year who always dumped on me, and she told me some things I really didn’t need to know about situations that were private, and then dumped those crappy feelings on me.  I snapped one night because she had been using me for a year, at least I felt that way, but I don’t even know if she realized she was doing it.  For whatever reason it was message me night or day about this, not ever get together, but then she felt better at the end of the day and I felt drained.  I kept trying to get together with her because I said let’s go to this retreat or let’s get together, but she never did, and maybe I should have pushed harder so I could have explained.  But instead I combusted.  I should have said I feel really hurt by this and drained and can’t keep this up.  Do not feel like you have to keep another person’s energy up.  I don’t care what they have been through, you have the right to your energetic boundaries.
  3. You are going to feel alone. One day, you’ll be trying to go to the store, in your mask if it’s 2020, and you won’t be able to read people’s faces.  It will feel like it’s cutting off part of who you are.  The smile.  The way you could touch people before, maybe even hug if you felt they needed it.  You can see their eyes, sure, but it’s not quite the same.  You don’t know what to do, or how to help anymore, and you will feel very alone.  But you are not.  We’re still here guys, behind the masks.  I understand how you feel.  On days you feel alone, message an old friend and let them know you are thinking about them.  Tell people on your social media you miss them.  Take a photo of something that reminds you of a friend and say hey, I thought of you.  Tell your mentor, teacher, nurse, or anyone you come in contact with through words, not your smile, that whatever they are doing is important and you are smiling at them in thanks through your mask.  Send a letter to an old friend.  Call a friend on the west coast and talk about high school for like 3 hours (I did that and felt so much better).  I ended the call with I love you man, and I felt like the weight of this year lifted for a week.  Long story, but we’re both entrepreneurs and I live on the east coast, he lives on the west and we’ve been friends a bazillion years, and this year has been tough on both of our businesses.  It helped just to chat about it.  I knew I wasn’t alone and we even jokingly made up a new biz together.

At the end of the day, it’s about working on yourself.  If you want, or need help in that area, join me here.  << See that for more.

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