Ever have one of those days?  Weeks, months, or perhaps even years?  Do you accept what is happening to you and just go through the motions day-to-day thinking you can’t change things?  Well, you’re right.  You can’t.  But you can change yourself.  Let me explain.  There are some people in this world that no matter what you say, it won’t matter.  It could be your boss, your co-worker, or your friend.  I bought a book a few years ago that had quotes about life.  I have always loved quotes and feel that they help direct my thoughts in a more positive way.  Once I started devoting myself to changing the way I felt each day, I started handling the stress of life better.  It did not happen overnight, and I still have bad days.  But I recognize the signs of stress in others and do what I can for them.  It might not seem like a big deal, but it has made a world of difference in my work relationships.  If you knew you had the power to change yourself, would you try?

Update to this post.  Over the weekend of June 2015, I completed 200 hours of Vinyasa yoga teacher training.  You can move from thinking into feeling when you put your mind to it.  I offer wellness coaching on my FB page Vitalize You.  If you just need a little push to help you reach your health and wellness goals…including weight loss, feel free to find me over there.

Changing your life

“To change one’s life: Start immediately.  Do it flamboyantly.”  ~William James



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