5 tips to boost your mind.

Brain based research has been around a very long time.  I remember the first time it came around when I was teaching…how can I use this information to better my teaching?  To engage students more?  I used techniques that were thought to be ahead of the times…each and everyday in my class.  I never thought that as I got older I would be applying that same idea to my research in depression and what causes us to become depressed.  I found so many links to neurotransmitters in the gut I was astonished.  I was finally getting somewhere and like each and every time I have found something important, I get this tingle.  I knew that I was on the right path to helping others like me.  Here are a few things I learned to boost my head:

  1. The dreaded word exercise.  You know the whole a body in motion tends to stay in motion theory?  Same for a body at rest. A 2010 study on primates published in Neurosciencei also revealed that regular exercise not only improved blood flow to the brain, but also helped the monkeys learn new tasks twice as quickly as non-exercising monkeys, a benefit the researchers believe would hold true for people as well.”  I just wanted to throw that in because sometimes I read scientific research for fun.  But let’s suppose you have brain fog like I do…it comes from things like fibromyalgia as well as my hemochromatosis.  Sometimes, I can’t remember things, so on days that I do yoga, I feel amazing and notice I have less brain fog.  I know this is the day I can read up on new things and process better.  So if you have a hard time learning new things, exercise before.
  2. The good fat…coconut oil.  Sooooo.  My family has a track record of some pretty ermmm crappy genes.  I have inherited a few, but the thing I am concerned about it that at such a young age, I started showing signs of the above brain fog I mentioned.  The brain needs glucose and it actually manufactures it’s own insulin to convert glucose in your bloodstream into it’s food…if it is starving, think Alzheimer’s patients.  What I would like to know, is where was this research about 17 years ago that I am about to share?  Maybe it was known…maybe not.  BUT, I wish I could have slipped my grandpa some bulletproof coffee.  What am I talking about?  This!  According to research by Dr. Mary Newport, just over two tablespoons of coconut oil (about 35 ml or 7 level teaspoons) would supply you with the equivalent of 20 grams of MCT, which is indicated as either a preventative measure against degenerative neurological diseases, or as a treatment for an already established case.”  P.S. That link is to one neat coffee recipe I found.
  3. Fix your gut…but seriously.  I will never forget the day I started my second brain research.  It was amazing to me what my doctors had missed when they had put me on proton pump inhibitors, and I started telling everyone who would listen to get off them.  For those wondering, that’s acid blockers like omeprazole.  Anyway, my gut was a mess, my acid reflux was a mess, but the pills actually were making everything worse.  I got off them, and learned what gut health meant.  It could actually be it’s own post…and oh, it was.  Up there I linked it.  But seriously…your gut bacteria is actually closely linked to food.  That is why I counsel all my clients, ALL my clients, to tell me how they are eating.  We really get into it and I start to get them to see a pattern.  Because let’s face it, when you tell people your food is actually making you crazy, they get a little mad at you.  Even if they know they need to eat better and get off processed foods, and white sugar.  Probiotics are your friend.
  4. Vitamin D.  This one is quite easy, but often overlooked.  I went for years before anyone even thought to check my levels..and here I am not supposed to go out of the house without SPF 50.  But let’s not check her levels.  Hmmm.  Moving on.  IF appropriate sun exposure is not an option, cough porphyria, not an option, then get on readily available vitamin d.  Basically it’s liquid form.  Just get checked.  Don’t skip this.
  5. Meditate.  You knew it was coming probably.  Since I completed my 200 hours of Vinyasa yoga teacher study…I know that I need quiet time.  Okay, well, I kind of have a problem with noise now that I didn’t have before fibromyalgia anyway, but seriously, meditation is superb.  After only 20 minutes, we start to show a decrease in beta waves, which is basically like we are learning how to halt the processing part.  I know that I have probably put this in here at some point, but one such interesting brain researcher who I love is Jill Bolte Taylor.  Her understanding of the brain after her stroke is outstanding and I cry every single I watch it.  I can’t explain why…it’s just wonderful.  Okay, maybe I can explain a little.  I think about the part where she talks about not having to process and how she can just float…and everything seems to be a beautiful experience and that my friends, that is what meditation at the highest form would be like for me.  If I was there.  Which is why I keep practicing.  Because sadly, I have a hard time.  Imagine that.  This point is technical, but it’s really interesting. The more we meditate, the less anxiety we have, and it turns out this is because we’re actually loosening the connections of particular neural pathways. This sounds bad, but apparently it’s not.

I created my own way of healing and invite you to join us in the Head|Heart|Health Club to learn more.

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9 thoughts on “5 tips to boost your mind.

  1. fantastic information here Aimee! and, like you, I heed all of this and so much more… I truly believe the day life changed for me was the day that I saw Dr Bruce Lipton on stage and he talked about us each being a ‘skin covered petrie dish’… a unique culture of cells and genetics that responded to the environment through epigenetics. His words made my beliefs about personal responsibility to a deeper more authentic level. Keep up the excellent work darlin’

    1. Thank you! You know how hard it is to change everything you ever thought you knew…but when you do, and it changes your whole life, well I just have to tell everyone! 🙂

  2. Julie Von Holt Schoenberg ·

    I don’t know which word above I hate the most. I am 72 and still haven’t learned. I use to be an exercise fanatic. Everyday for at least 2 hours. When I started getting colds once a month I cut the exercise down and got better. Then one day I just quit. All my friends had health problems, just plain wouldn’t go or died. I hated going by myself. I know I would meet people there but I just can’t seem to stick to it for more than 2 or 3 weekw.

    2nd worst word..sugar. It’s my only heaven on earth. With GERD there are so many foods I can’t eat.

    I don’t have diabetes but I do have Vulvodynia and neuropathy in my feet and legs. My gut is an absolute mess. I have GERD, Barrett’s, but gotten better with that awful omeprazole, Gastroparesis and now after being constipated for 71 years, have now got the opposite problem. I just had a colonoscopy to find out why plus my nightly nausea. No polyps but no answers yet either. Hopefully tomorrow’s appt. I will.
    How did you ever get off the PPI’s? I have been on them since 2002 and tried numerous times to get off them. I just get worse acid reflux. I take probiotics daily plus Vit. D. I started back on Magnesium.

    I am depressed beyond words. Anxiety too… I can’t take one single antidepressant because of allergy or sensitivity to them. Oh yeah, mainly they cause my RLS to flare up.

    Meditation is something I’m going to try again. My whole body is falling apart but none are life threatening. Because of the Vulvodynia, I cannot sit upright without a half of Oxycodone and 5% Lidocaine gel. Then I might get to sit on my cushion an hour if I’m lucky. That leaves all travel out. Not a lot to look forward to.

    I could go on and on but that is the jist of it.

  3. Hi Aimee great post!! Since moving down to Guatemala I’ve made some drastic changes to my daily routine and one of them now includes going outside for a walk (something I NEVER did back at home) for at least one hour. I also meditate every morning now. I stay unplugged until at least after I’ve eaten breakfast and exercised. It’s absolutely amazing how awesome I feel after I’ve made these changes!!! I know how hard it is to change anything but it’s so worth it!!!! Btw, huge coconut oil fan here too. I even use it to cleanse my face twice a day. Yup. Ah-May-Zing!!

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