5 Reasons Why Being Weird is Okay.

So I just posted a whole bunch of stuff today because I have this “weird” energy and feel like I am in a place that others might consider “weird”.  But I want to let you in on a little secret.  Being weird is actually okay and we are going to explore that concept right now.

Starting with this strange quote, we are going to take a look at our inner “weird-O”.

Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.

~H. L. Mencken

I do not think this means what you think it means my friends.  Inconceivable!

What this means to me is that we live our lives going about our business.  Up until March of 2020 anyway, you probably picked out your work clothes.  Set your alarm.  Made kids lunches…or didn’t and threw some money at them as you rushed out the door to the mini-van you drive.  You went about your ordinary life and once in a while, maybe on a weekend, you dreamed of being a Pirate where you could do what you wanted, say what you wanted, and BE who you wanted to be without fear of repercussion.

Then whatever we want to call it happened and we all got separated (physically) and perhaps even mentally.  We all went down some collective rabbit-hole where we felt like there were two pills on the table, and you could enter Alice’s Wonderland or maybe go with Neo into the Matrix, but the bottom line is this.  It wasn’t “normal” anymore.

So, my fellow weird-Os, guess what?  This is our time to shine!!

5 Reasons Why Being Weird is Okay:

  1. Resisting your weirdness makes you less “you”.  It definitely darkens your light my friends.  When we hide who we are, what we are, and how we see the world, it is so boring.  To think that everyone thinks the same things or never questions a belief or sees the world in only black and white would ruin half the cool artists I know.  I can’t imagine not knowing a “Picasso” (Scorpio brother that he is).  And duh, he had a dachshund named “Lump” of all things.  Just imagine Picasso out for a stroll calling out to Lump…but if it makes you wonder why he named the dog Lump, it means “rascal” in German. Again, he could have been ordinary and we wouldn’t have this light in the world.  How boring!
  2. The weird-O in me recognizes the weird-O in you.  We are tribal beings.  This last year has been a test, but guess what?  I bet you found at least one person who aligns with your weirdness this year.  When you speak your truth, even if it feels scary, you find your people.  If you conform out of a fear of being lonely you will likely make yourself feel more lonely because you won’t have anything in common with those folks.  When you stand up for yourself, you can help others find you faster than if you are sitting down and blending in.
  3. Every original idea was probably seen as weird at first.  Every single time I do a live chat I think to myself “Who is going to drop off right after I explain this weird train of thought?”  And then I plunge right in without stopping myself because what seems scary at first might be the new thing that lights people on fire tomorrow.  Not literally, mind you.  But I do want to ignite a passion in people for speaking their truth and living it even if it seems scary.
  4. Speaking your truth is your super power.  In all the “mean girl” type scenes, the weird-Os are being joked on until one day they stand up to the bullies and then, magically, the weird-Os are cool and the bullies are seen for what they are.  If that were only the case, but honestly it is your ego that says “If I wear this, I will be joked on.”  On any given day, you can find me doing something weird, saying something weird, and/or being weird much to the delight of my children.  Like dancing in public.  I love to do that and I am a great dancer…or so I think, but not because I am, because I have learned to harness that energy and make others smile.  When we take ownership of the weirdness, we help others see that if they want to walk along a grocery store and do a flash mob in the aisle to “Thriller”, then by all means, I will be joining in.  I still remember the zombie walk.
  5. You can live life out loud and be authentic.  If you read energy, you know when people are making some sort of fake small-talk and let’s face it.  It is not for you, oh weird-O.  You would rather talk in Kilngon than sit there or perhaps roll a 20 to get yourself out of this situation where you can’t admit to being a Dungeon Master…still…at like oh I don’t know, 43.  So why not just say hey, does anyone like to game?  Or come up with a hypothetical situation where old Star Trek faced off with new Star Trek and see what characters would come out on top.  William Shatner would pause dramatically too much so he probably wouldn’t beat Patrick Stewart.  PLUS, have you heard Patrick Stewart read Shakespeare??  Anyway.  Why not change the conversation to an area that might be “weird”, but that you most definitely have more fun chatting about and see how people respond.  You just never know.

If the last year has taught us anything, it is that the weird-Os breathe life into our dreary pandemic world, am I right?  Leslie Jordan agrees.  This is the time to change careers, find your tribe, create an on-line group or club and find like minds.  It is a time to manifest what you desire to bring into your life, and on that note, if you want to find a Club of like minds, the Head|Heart|Health Club is here for you and we are about to explore some really weird stuff next month.  Come and join us if you dare.

More resources on being weird can be found here:


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