3 Reasons to Journal

I read once that we think between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts per day.  Okay, we all know people who might think less, but anyway, this isn’t about them.  The truth is, maybe they are just thinking the same thought over and over which would be like 2,500 thoughts per hour of the same damn thing.  How boring.  I remember the exact day I made a huge conscious effort to really get a hold of my thoughts.  No seriously.  I remember it because I remember what happened when I let go of the reins.  That wasn’t pretty…but that’s another story.

Today I want to take you through why it’s important to journal.  If you find yourself wanting more help, see the Head|Heart|Health tab.  <<<<

3 Reasons to Journal

There are many irrational thoughts in my head.  Probably yours too.  Why are they there?  What do they want?  Well, we get into patterns of the mind.  To be honest, I am worse when I don’t have my yoga to fall back on because yoga is a type of yoking you to the present moment.  I think it’s why I love it so much.  It is something that helps me focus.  So I am going to start my focusing again, but this time in my new journal.

  1. We put our intentions out there.  What is an intention?  Basically, it’s our aim or plan.  When we stop the cycle of random thoughts and put our intentions on paper, we are more likely to stick with it.  Our subconscious says “Okay, I wrote this down.  I have to do this.”  We have just created a focal point in which we can “yoke” our thoughts back to and perhaps even help manifest what our intention was for that day.  For example, today I will go to yoga.  Or I am going to meditate tonight before bed.  Just get it out there.
  2. We can reflect on the day before.  So after you have been journaling a week or more, start to reflect on what’s happening in your life.  Was it a good day? What were the best things about the day? How did you feel? Are you seeing your intentions come to fruition?  What could you do differently?  Get into the nitty-gritty of your head. 
  3. We can act on the good thoughts.  So, in a nutshell, we can really sift through the junk of our thoughts, and find the gold nuggets.  The things that we forget we think.  You can focus on your true dreams if you don’t let the utter nonsense get in the way.  Why is it there anyway?  Stop and ask yourself if it serves a purpose.  If the answer is no, it is only getting in the way, stop thinking about it.  If it doesn’t propel you forward, don’t dwell on it.  Period.  <<< hey, that’s a great quote from me.

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