5 Steps to Believing in Yourself This Year

Journey doesn’t want you to stop believing…and neither do I.  I want you to start off every single day with the mentality that you are going to own that day and whatever comes across your radar.  This is for my friend who is grieving, for the one who just had a very bad friendship break up, for the one who doesn’t like her job, and for the one who doesn’t want to look at herself in the mirror at all.

I need you to know how beautiful your heart is and how capable, truly capable I think you are. I am going to insert my almost crying video here for social proof.  >>2017 end of year message <<

Drum roll.  No more talking about this, let’s get to work.

5 Steps to Believing in Yourself this Year:

  1. Start off saying thank you as you wake up for the first thing you see, feel, smell, and experience.  No matter what it is, even if it’s your kids screaming MOMMMMM.  Or the dog has pooped on your carpet.  Or it’s raining and cold outside.  Whatever it is, say thank you and smile.  Seriously.  It changes your entire pathway in your brain right then and you are holding the reins, not the other way around.
  2. Bless your coffee, tea, water, medicine you have to take or whatever you take in your body first thing.  Just pause as you hold the warm cup and breathe in.  As the medicine goes down, thank it for doing the work internally.  Visualize your body healing and receiving what it needs to start the day.
  3. Look in the mirror and say one thing you love about yourself right then.  No criticisms.  Not one.  Then don’t stand there any longer than you have to as you shout ” I can be a shark. I like my house. It’s great!   I can do anything good!”

    4. Use affirmations for the hard stuff.  If that doesn’t work for you, try this song.  And I have a confession.  I love Bruno Mars, so if you know him, or possibly are actually Bruno, thanks for reading this. Seriously, take some notes on this because I used to sing it everyday.  Okay, I did teach kids, but I still love it.

    5.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  Such and such has a nice, clean house (okay, they don’t have 2 dogs, insert whatever you have, etc).  Also, un-follow their social media if it gets to be a bragging thing daily.  You do you boo.  Seriously.  We don’t need to be in competition with anyone else.  I hope we all win (someone else probably quoted that first).  As difficult as it seems, where you are right now in your life, others would really give anything to have something you have right now.  I know this.  Because daily, I drive past men who live under an overpass near me and I remind myself of this.

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I invite you to come along on the journey back to believing in yourself with us this year.  If you would like daily reminders, support, encouragement, tutorials, journal help, yoga poses, meditations and more, yes, seriously, please visit us in the  >> Head|Heart|Health Club <<   We would love to have you on this journey with us!


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